Olney-Bethesda Soccer League
U9 5v5 Playing Rules

Number of Players:
5 players (4 field players & 1 goalkeeper) per team at each field
Two games played simultaneously
Each team will have a goalkeeper on each field with a distinctive color jersey or penny from the other players

Substitutions: At anytime, players may move from one field to the other

Distinctive colors between players (pennies OK), numbers not necessary
Shinguards are mandatory

No Referees coaches to be on sidelines - keep the playing environment fun, safe and focused on the players

Duration of the Game: 25-minute halves

Start of Play: From midfield with opposing players five (5) yards from kick-off

Restart of Play:
Goal kick for balls that cross the goal line (in favor of defending side)
Corner kick for balls that cross the goal line (in favor of attacking side)
Throw in from the touch line
Opposing players must be five (5) yards from restart spot (the goal is to get ball back into play, so opposing players may not hover over the kick-in)

Offside: There is no offside

Free Kicks: All free kicks will be indirect and there are no penalty kicks.  Players are not to double touch their kick (ball must touch another player).

Everyone is there to enjoy and encourage the activity of the players
Parents/spectators to be on sidlelines, not behind the goals
NO coaching from the sidelines
NO keeping of score

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